How to change the colour of PicsArt stickers

How to change the colour of PicsArt stickers

How to change the colour of PicsArt stickers

Want to change the colour of your PicsArt stickers? It’s easy! In the app, tap stickers at the bottom of your screen. Find the sticker you want to edit, and then tap it. Swipe up on the icon that appears in the upper-right corner of your screen to open up the colour picker.

The best way to change colours

There are two ways that you can use to change the colour of a sticker on PicsArt. You can either click on the Edit button when selecting the sticker in question, and select a new color using one of those options. The other way is by selecting a different background and then positioning your sticker.

Changing the background color

Stickers are an easy way to customize your photos and make them stand out. However, they're only available in one color, which can make it hard to include them in a series of photos with the same background color. You can remove or alter a sticker's background by using some quick photo editing tricks on PicsArt.

Other ways to edit stickers

PicsArt offers several different editing and photo functions that allow you to change your images into works of art. For example, a great way to personalize your pictures is by changing sticker colors. The simplest way is by clicking on the wand tool at the top left-hand corner and then selecting your desired color.

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