How to remove WhatsApp from your watch

How to remove WhatsApp from your watch

How to remove WhatsApp from your watch

If you have an Android smartwatch, like the Samsung Gear or the Moto 360, then you can use it to get notifications from WhatsApp on your wrist, in addition to your phone. If this is useful or interesting to you, you may not want WhatsApp on your watch anymore, and here’s how to remove it. Please note that this will delete your WhatsApp account on the watch only; it will not remove your account from the phone or tablet that you used to sync your watch and phone with.

How do I remove WhatsApp from my Apple Watch?

The first thing you need to do is open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and go into the Notifications section. From there, find WhatsApp and tap it until a red - symbol appears in the corner of its icon. Once you tap that icon, all future notifications for WhatsApp will be muted. The next time you want to check notifications, just swipe up on the main screen of your Apple Watch.

Step 1: Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone

1. Tap on My Watch at the bottom of the screen 2. Select Apps & Games 3. Scroll down and select WhatsApp 4. Now scroll to the very bottom, where you'll see a red circle with an x inside it 5. The app will now be deleted from your Apple Watch 6. Reselect Apps & Games and then go back up to the top of the list 7. Tap on My Watch, and then scroll all the way down again 8.

Step 2: Tap General, then tap Digital Touch, then tap WhatsApp

The same steps work if you're trying to delete WhatsApp from any Apple Watch. First, open the app list on your Apple Watch by pressing the digital crown. Next, tap Digital Touch in the bottom right corner of the app list window. Scroll through and find the WhatsApp app and swipe left on it, then a popup will appear with a Delete option. Confirm that you want to delete it by pressing Delete once more.

Step 3: Tap Uninstall

- Once you find the app in the list, tap Uninstall. 

- Select Remove Watch App if it pops up. 

- That's it!

Step 4: Confirm you want to uninstall by tapping Uninstall again. This cannot be undone!

You will now see the uninstallation process begin. When the app has fully uninstalled, you will see a message on your screen and be returned to the start of the menu. Congratulations! You have successfully removed WhatsApp from your Apple Watch!

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