Is Your WhatsApp Bugged? 5 Signs to Look For

Is Your WhatsApp Bugged? 5 Signs to Look For

Is Your WhatsApp Bugged? 5 Signs to Look For

Is your WhatsApp account secure? It’s easy to think that as long as you’re not sending out anything too personal, it’s impossible to get caught with your pants down (so to speak). Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case anymore. Hackers are getting better and better at finding ways to access private information, and that includes encrypted messaging apps like WhatsApp. If you’re interested in knowing how to find out if your WhatsApp account has been compromised, we’ve got you covered with these five warning signs of a hacked WhatsApp account.

1) Freezing

If your phone freezes and the only way you can get it working again is by removing the battery, then it may be a sign that someone is accessing your Whatsapp messages and has inserted some kind of remote control software on your device.

This freezing typically occurs when a message notification or new chat appears on your screen which will automatically cause the phone to lock up or reboot as they are initiated by third-party spyware programs that transmit data back to the perpetrator without your knowledge.

2) Not Sending

1. The person you’re messaging often blocks the chat and cannot see it in their block list. 

2. The person you’re messaging often sends an unknown number in a reply or text. 

3. You are receiving a lot of photos that you didn’t send to the person who is also receiving them from you but doesn’t know where they came from.

3) Battery Drain

One of the most common causes of a battery draining bug is that an application has been left open on your phone, causing the phone to be constantly awake and draining battery. To figure out which app this may be, go into your settings and click on Battery (iPhone), or Battery Saver (Android). You should see a list of all the apps that have been running since you last charged your phone and use battery.

4) Overheating

#1 - The phone gets extremely hot while using it, even when you're not using the messaging app. This is a sign that your battery is constantly charging and can eventually lead to an explosion. Try shutting off the messaging app and see if the heat decreases; if it does, then you may have a bug. #2 - You're getting notifications or messages from unknown contacts on WhatsApp, or people you know are saying weird things about another contact.

5) Mysterious Notifications

Have you noticed that notifications seem to show up randomly, or when they shouldn't be? Is the red notification bar on your screen always there and not clearing itself out? Are you getting notifications that you can't delete or don't make sense for the time of day? These are all signs that your whatsapp may be bugged. There are a few different ways someone could have access to your account.

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