You Can Now Change The Order Of Layers In PicsArt

You Can Now Change The Order Of Layers In PicsArt

You Can Now Change The Order Of Layers In PicsArt

If you’re looking to make some changes to the order of your layers in PicsArt, you’re in luck! The app has just received an update that allows you to change the order of layers on your images, no matter what application you used to add them. The update also adds an option that lets you undo an image before it’s saved, as well as prevents you from accidentally switching between Save to Camera Roll and Send to Gallery when adding multiple images to your collage at once. Check out the full details on the latest update below!

Bring Your Image Into PicsArt

(1) Open your image in the PicsArt app on your phone. (2) Tap the Layers button in the top left corner of the screen. (3) Select which layer you want to appear on top and tap Move up or Move down until it is at the desired position. Repeat this step for any other layers that need adjusting.

Go To Layers Panel

To change the order of layers, you first have to open the layers panel. To do this, click the button that is shaped like a square box and looks like it's covering an eye. This will bring up a small window with some options. Click Layers at the top of this window and you'll be taken to the layers panel where you can drag and drop your desired order for your layers.

Choose A Layer From Top To Bottom Or Bottom To Top

Navigate to the upper left-hand corner of your photo. This will show you the Layers panel on the right side of your screen. From here, click and drag one of the layers down or up to change their order. Once you have them in place, make sure to hit save so that changes are permanent.

Use Slide Tool And Move Layer Up Or Down (Left To Right)

In the Layer Manager screen, you can use the Move Up button to move the layer up, or the Move Down button to move it down. For example, say you want to put the last photo on top of everything else in your photo. Tap on that layer, then tap and hold on the last item until you see an arrow pointing up (you should be selecting just that item). Next tap on the Move Up button at the bottom of your screen.

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